Laptops and Uniforms for Ethiopia Donations from our With Aloha supporters help to provide laptops for field duties and soccer uniforms for an inter-village tournament designed to unite Ethiopian residents.
Lei Chic Shopping Pass Raises Funds raised funds for With Aloha by selling a special shopping pass at various stores around Oahu.
Chef Alan Wong Raises $11,000+ Discover how Chef Alan Wong raised $11,487.50 for the With Aloha Foundation.
Creating Smiles in Ethiopia Find out how a simple game of soccer creates smiles for all ages in Ethiopia—and how a laptop can help compassion field trips.

...With Aloha Foundation

With Aloha is a community-inspired movement designed to promote the spirit of collaboration and the Aloha spirit of Hawaii.

The With Aloha Foundation was founded in response to the devastating earthquakes and tsunami that struck Japan in March 2011. With Aloha quickly mobilized to raise funds that were used by Tohoku University Hospital to pay for critical medical services, medicines and equipment needed to care for the victims injured and devastated by the earthquakes and tsunami. The outpouring of support from individuals in Hawaii and elsewhere showed that the Aloha spirit can move and inspire people to help others thousands of miles away to recover their lives and dignity. With Aloha was proud to organize and manage the means by which individuals collectively acted to provide timely critical medical care in Sendai.

With Aloha recognizes that emergency relief is often only a part of the work necessary to help our global communities in need. Therefore in addition to its disaster relief efforts, With Aloha collaborates with other organizations throughout the world to achieve sustainable improvements in developing countries and to make a positive difference in the lives of its people.

This is our opportunity to give back With Aloha. Please join us in our mission to bring the Aloha spirit to communities throughout the world.

With the help of many, miracles CAN happen.

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The With Aloha Foundation is able to help many communities in need across the globe thanks to the generous support of its donors.

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