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News of the Japan earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011, immediately caused a ground swell of community concern and support in Hawaii. Within days, With Aloha was conceived, a community inspired movement to promote the spirit of collaboration and giving back to the global community.

Thanks to the help, donations and tireless efforts of many community volunteers, With Aloha’s fundraiser for Tohoku University Hospital—Japan Relief Fund was held on April 9, 2011, at Pagoda. The event helped to raise $150,000.

But the ground swell was just beginning. Since the event, With Aloha has continued to receive many heartwarming correspondences from the Hawaii community and beyond. Many said that they were inspired by the efforts of the With Aloha volunteers.

At this writing, donations to Tohoku University Hospital—Japan Relief Fund have reached to more than $200,000. Perhaps most precious, though, have been the thoughts and prayers. Here are excerpts from some of the many letters received…With Aloha.

“Enclosed is check raised by our school book fair for Tohoku University Hospital—Japan Relief Fund. We appreciate your efforts to assist Japan in their time of need. Thanks for making the world a better place.”

—Mililani Middle School

“Thank you for helping us to send our video to Tohoku University Hospital. This community service project for the Japan Relief Fund was important to us because we wanted to do something to help raise the spirits of the many Japanese people affected by the earthquake, tsunami and radiation.”

—Punahou School, Japanese class

“My husband and I saw an article in HAWAII Magazine online about your fundraising efforts. Our hearts go out to the people in Japan who are dealing with this disaster. We couldn’t be at the fundraiser but please accept this check to help the hospital in Sendai.”

—Illinois donor

“Thank you for providing a vehicle for the students to assist the victims of this world disaster. My students unanimously wanted their efforts to directly benefit the people of Japan, and your organization was a perfect fit.”

—Kaimuki High School teacher

“On behalf of our Dojo-cho and all of the members of the Aikido ohana, we would like to make a donation towards the Tohoku University Hospital—Japan Relief Fund.”

—Anonymous donor

“I am an 80-year-old widow and am keeping the people of Japan in my prayers.”

—Honolulu donor

“We saw the link for the With Aloha fundraiser event and wanted to send a donation to help. We are happy to help the caregivers at the hospital working so hard in the midst of such devastation.”

—California donor

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