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The With Aloha Foundation raises funds for communities in need. When the devastating earthquake and tsunami struck Sendai, Japan, on March 11, 2011, With Aloha quickly mobilized to raise funds that were used by Tohoku University Hospital to pay for critical medical services, medicines and equipment needed to care for the victims injured and devastated by the earthquakes and tsunami.

Since the disaster hit, Tohoku University Hospital has been providing food, medicine and comfort items to people in need from the surrounding areas. The hospital staff’s heroic efforts to save lives after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami are extraordinary. During the day, as many as 3,000 patients would approach the hospital’s walk-in patient screening seeking treatment. Tohoku University Hospital also has the region’s only heliport and shortly after the quake, they were handling more than 50 life-flight rescues daily.

The outpouring support from individuals in Hawaii and the United States showed that the Aloha spirit moves and inspires people to help others thousands of miles away. The Aloha spirit has also encouraged the people of Japan and lifted their spirits. With Aloha has given them a sense of hope even when all is lost.

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