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Our Mission

With Aloha Foundation’s mission is to support sustainable improvements in developing countries and in countries experiencing great human suffering.

With Aloha is a community-inspired movement designed to promote the spirit of collaboration and the Aloha spirit of Hawaii. Our goal is to bring individuals and organizations of all sizes in Hawaii together to give back to communities in need.

In the Hawaiian language, “aloha” means love, affection and compassion. Aloha can also be used to hello or goodbye. But the spirit of Aloha traces back to a way of life in the ancient Hawaiian culture. Farmers, fishermen and gatherers with an ahupua‘a (land division from the mountain to the sea) often shared common resources. Hawaiians were known for their generosity, hospitality and warmth in sharing with one another.

Today, it is still important to promote and perpetuate the Aloha spirit. Our hope is to generate community support and awareness—through the efforts of many—to fulfill a combined goal of providing support to people around the globe. Through our combined efforts, With Aloha is committed to providing tangible results to make a difference and improve the quality of life for our brothers and sisters in the global community.

This is our opportunity to give back…With Aloha.

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The With Aloha Foundation is able to help many communities in need across the globe thanks to the generous support of its donors.

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